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MetaData analysis consists of working on data related to user behaviour on the platform.

We are therefore able to provide a tangible post-event analysis of the participants' navigation and thus offer recommendations to enhance the quality of communications during your events as well as customer experience.

MetaData analysis, cross-referencing of information, cross-checking of statistics, quantified visual projections. The metadata analysis can cover all the indicators relating to the user experience, to the activity of visits to the exhibitor fair. We are in the sphere of strategic design and data analysis. At the heart of marketing. Therefore at the source of the user experience design.

Direct connection to exhibitors (CRM) and supply chain management, maximizing return on investment

Robust post-event metadata reporting and analysis, including geolocation. Setting up an event, either face-to-face, virtual or hybrid requires not only good organization but also good knowledge of participants' expectations. is a tool that compiles the browsing habits of participants on the platform exclusively and thus allows organizers to fully understand the movement of their guests within the framework of a virtual event. These capacities make it possible to provide solutions adapted to the habits and behaviours of the guests and thus enhance the customer experience.

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