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Live webcasting is essential in a virtual event. Live broadcasting can be streamed from a broadcast studio or simply from the speaker's webcam and microphone, wherever they are. The speaker receives a link to start the conference himself. It then becomes the broadcast center. live conferences are available from our virtual tables. By selecting the conference you wish to attend, you are prompted to choose a table. These tables can be determined in advance by the organizer, they can be chosen at random by the participant, or they can be arranged using a few questions, generating a series of algorithms that match the participants by center of interest.

From the beginning of the event, participants are muted and the central tile fills the event space. It is then possible to switch to chat mode with the other participants of the virtual table. Another essential feature for virtual tables is the ability to speak and ask a question in video mode, live with the speaker. It is also possible to ask a question in written mode.

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